In the competitive realm of self-storage, ensuring the safety and security of client possessions is paramount. Sure Store, a prominent national self-storage company with over 15 locations throughout the UK, faced the challenge of securing a reliable security solution that could effectively monitor and respond to their needs. This case study explores how Copeland Group Services, a leader in comprehensive security solutions, met this challenge head-on.

The Challenge

Sure Store required a national security provider capable of designing, installing, and managing a complex security system across multiple locations to meet stringent insurance standards while ensuring the safety of client units. The needed services included advanced CCTV monitoring, alarm response, and occasional manned guarding.

Copeland’s Approach

Copeland Group Services employed a four-step model to address Sure Store’s requirements:

  1. Risk Analysis: Through detailed risk assessments, Copeland identified unique security concerns at each site.
  2. Design: Using the insights from the risk analysis, Copeland designed tailored security systems to address specific risks and vulnerabilities.
  3. Installation: The installation process was meticulously planned to minimize disruption to Sure Store and its clients. Copeland worked closely with Sure Store during this phase to ensure seamless integration.
  4. Monitor & Respond: Copeland’s control room actively monitored CCTV and alarm systems, responding swiftly to any incidents with regional patrol drivers ready to be deployed on-site.

The Result

Copeland’s solution not only met but exceeded Sure Store’s expectations by providing:

  • A uniform security solution across all locations.
  • A single contact point for all security matters.
  • Consolidated invoicing for streamlined administration.
  • Integrated technology solutions across the property portfolio.
  • Continuous, robust monitoring of all security systems.
  • An insurance-compliant solution that satisfies all requirements.


The collaboration between Sure Store and Copeland Group Services highlights the effectiveness of a well-orchestrated security strategy tailored to specific business needs. Copeland’s ability to design and implement a comprehensive, integrated security solution demonstrates their capacity to handle complex, multi-site security challenges effectively.

For businesses seeking dependable, high-quality, and cost-effective security solutions that align with specific operational and insurance requirements, Copeland Group Services stands out as the provider of choice. Their proven track record of success and commitment to excellence ensures peace of mind and enhanced safety for clients and their assets.

To secure your business with a trusted, comprehensive security solution, contact Copeland Group Services today and experience the peace of mind that comes with exceptional service.